Conservation Photo Feature – Recent conservation project at the San Diego Museum of Man

Removing mold from a human mummy at the San Diego Museum of Man

Unfortunately, the chiller in our HVAC system broke down, resulting in humidity increases in some of our exhibit galleries. As a result, mold began to appear on one of our naturally preserved human mummies. We removed the mummy from the gallery, and kept it sealed in an airtight storage cabinet with dessicant in order to dry out the mold. We then vacuumed the mold off of the mummy. Our chiller has since been replaced, and the mummy is back on display in the gallery, and it is doing fine!

Photo and story courtesy of San Diego Museum of Man (SDMoM), the only anthropology and archaeology museum in San Diego County. SDMoM is located in Balboa Park in the historic 1915 California Building with its iconic California Tower. SDMoM has outstanding cultural (ethnographic) collections and renowned physical anthropology collections. It features five permanent exhibitions, including Ancient Egypt; Kumeyaay: Native Californians; Footsteps Through Time: Four Million Years of Human Evolution; Maya: Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth; and Discover Egypt. SDMoM also offers changing special exhibits featuring artifacts from it’s own collections and from around the world.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! The good folks at the Museum of Man in San Diego sent us that photo and corresponding description. They would likely field better answers to your questions than we would. You can contact them in a couple of ways: via e-mail at their website, or through Twitter at @MusuemofMan. Hopefully those can help answer your questions!

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